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A Night in the Life of a Club Belly Dancer

In 2009, Rachel George filmed a documentary as part of her requirements for Suhaila Salimpour Belly Dance certification. As Rachel was a featured performer at several places in Portland, Oregon, Suhaila asked Rachel to document a typical night in her life... which usually includes at least 3 performances a night. The documentary is divided into four parts:

"Advance Your Belly Dance"

'Advance Your Belly Dance: Drums' Video

Vol. 1 — Drums
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This DVD teaches an intricate drum solo routine to Frank Lazzaro's "Cairo to Casablanca," also found on Middle Earth's "Lavender" CD. The variety of rhythms featured, coupled with the precise locks, isolations and layering Rachel is famous for make this piece a treat for dancers looking to expand their repertoire of performable drum solos as well as ideas for movements to add to their own choreographies. This choreography is technically challenging while portraying a mood of sassiness and fun.

'Advance Your Belly Dance: Lyrical' Video

Vol. 2 — Lyrical
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Volume 2 features choreography to Om Koulsoum's "Alf Layla". The piece is sensual and dramatic featuring the haunting classic as played by none other than San Diego's own "Middle Earth". The "Alf Leyla" track can be found on their latest CD titled "Lavender". From dramatic backbends and turns, an extensive floor work section and a healthy amount of complex layering throughout, this choreography is sure to inspire and challenge beginning/intermediate through seasoned professional level dancers.

"Exotic Hips"

Rachel's Exotic Hips Video
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